Articles from August 2012

Attention All Social Workers, Support Planners and those in receipt of Personal Budgets

Attention all Social Workers, Support Planners and Potential service users who receive SDS (Personal Budgets)

Bridge has recently reduced its service costs, for those clients with personal budgets.

Our hourly rate of support is now £25

In addition to this we have re packaged our suite of support, so that potential service users, carers, social workers and support planners can access an initial engagement service for a one off payment that does not commit the service user to identifying longer term funding.

For a payment of £375 the service user will receive the following provision:

  • Information Advice and Guidance: to explore client aspirations and to action plan a route map of work related goals
  • Vocational Profiling: more detailed exploration with a view to establishing a programme of support to enhance job preparedness and job searching targets
  • CV development and production
  • Welfare benefits advice linkage: the brokerage of support to maximise entitlements whilst looking for work and to provide better off calculations to direct future job searching activities

While this package can stand alone and potentially be transported into other areas of employment related or care/ support provision we hope it will be used to inform future work with Bridge Employment