Bridge Employment is a free service for employers:

We can help you recruit for vacancies in a number of ways:-

  • Detailed Matching of skills to your vacancy.
  • Unpaid trial periods can be used to select or train a suitable employee.
  • If you are creating a new role we are able to do a job analysis for you. This is also a useful matching tool for us.

Being a good equal opportunity employer is good for business

The advantages of employing people with disabilities are:-

  • Widening your pool of candidates from which to recruit staff.
  • Gaining a competitive advantage by having a diverse workforce that can attract a diverse range of customers. There are over ten million disabled people in Great Britain, most of whom are potential customers and/or employees.
  • Making your business more representative of the community and foster a better public image as a fair and inclusive business.
  • Improving staff morale and loyalty to a business considered inclusive and representative.
  • People overcoming barriers to employment often make very loyal and hardworking employees.

We have developed good, positive relationships with many employers. Some recent supportive employers have been

  • Sheffcare
  • Norbert Dentressangle
  • University of Sheffield
  • Hillsborough Hotel
  • Wetherspoons

 To find out more about how Bridge Employment can help employers please contact us on

0114 2333326


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