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These are some other recent success stories and testimonies from our clients…

My Success



Carl came to Bridge Employment on referral from Trish his course tutor at Sheffield College, Hillsborough. He was interested in horticulture and Bridge set up an eight week work placement for him at Sheaf Training where he would gain experience by working in the training garden. He was guided by Rich Melland his support worker from Bridge and supervised by Andy Stevenson – Horticulture Tutor.

Very soon Carl developed his ‘green-finger’ abilities when given the task of ornamental hedge trimming. He followed this up after training and guidance by undertaking tasks such as maintaining the grounds and preparation of equipment and tools, plants and making sure training materials were laid out ready for students. Carl then increased his hours and took on further training in the use of the lawn tractor mower, strimmer and how to operate a petrol lawn mower.


 He is due to start his one year diploma course in horticulture in September 2012

Another Success

(This story was written by one of our clients)

After a number of years suffering from severe depression I had begun to move towards employment through voluntary work, first in a charity shop, then for the NHS, working with mental health service users.  My social worker at the time arranged for me meet with Bridge when I began to feel ready to look for paid work, but I still felt I needed some support and help to do this.

From my first meetings with Bridge I felt put at ease, not pushed or pressured into going faster than I felt able, but encouraged to have confidence in the skills and experience I had, and to realise that applying for jobs was not a distant hope, but something I was really able to do.  Practically, Yaz, my employment worker at Bridge, gave me great assistance in how to present my abilities and attributes in a way that potential employers would respond positively to, both in the form of a well put-together CV, and in how best to fill in an application form.  He also helped me in narrowing my focus in terms of the kind of work I was looking for, or could realistically hope to find.  I was also given really useful pointers in where to look for vacancies in the first place, allowing me to get into a productive routine of checking the right websites, newspapers, etc. regularly.

I felt supported through some early knock-backs and rejections, and when I was finally offered an interview Yaz helped me prepare for it, encouraged my self-belief, and helping to lessen the nerves I was inevitably feeling.

I was lucky enough to get the job, and I’ve now been working as a Supported Housing Administrator for about 4 months, based at a housing scheme for residents with extra care needs.  I find the work rewarding and worthwhile, and getting paid a decent wage is rather nice too!


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